What will Microsoft announce for Xbox before E3?


Phil Spencer, the man in charge of Xbox, has hinted that we can expect a “couple” of pieces of news ahead of Microsoft’s E3 press conference – so that’s some time this month.


In an exchange with gamer and blogger @Steverulez, Spencer said:

So… any ideas on what we can expect?

Working backwards, Spencer went on to tweet with other fans that this year’s E3 presser will be “fan focused”, which is fairly obvious code for “we’re going to talk about games an awful lot – so there’s no massive backlash like there was last year” – which suggests that if the company have anything new in terms of dashboard/entertainment options, they may announce them early.

In fact, Spencer went on to say in response to someone else that he thought it was a “good idea” to announce it early and release an “early access” update to coincide with E3 itself.

As to what sorts of non-gaming updates we can expect, at risk of sounding unambitious, presumably we’ll hear of a bunch of new on-demand video partners and updates on those original TV shows that they’re producing… but what else? Would it be too crazy to suggest Microsoft may have something to say about their plans for Nokia now they’ve acquired the phone business? Maybe there’s some sort of devices tie-in?

Leave your wildest speculation in the comments below.

James O’Malley
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