Apple launch iPad trade-in scheme in the UK

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Want to upgrade your old iPad for the latest model? Today is your lucky day. Apple have launched a programme for doing just that here in Britain.

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CNet reports that the service, which is now also available in France, Spain and Germany has quietly appeared on the webpages of Apple’s different retail stores.

The way the scheme will work is like you’d like expect: they take your old iPad, and you get store credit towards a new iPad – though obviously don’t expect any gigantic discounts. Apparently not all iPads are eligible – the first iPad and the two newest models (Mini with Retina display, and iPad Air) are excluded.

This news will no doubt fuel speculation about what Apple’s iPad plans are for the rest of the year – like as we speculated with older iPhones, are Apple encouraging upgrades now to clear out iPad Air stock before they announce a new version later in the year?

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