Samsung's mobile sales drop 4%

Samsung, Samsung galaxy

Samsung has announced a 4 per cent fall in its mobile phone sales. Awkward.


This news coincides with the announcement of the new Galaxy K Zoom, which is aimed at photographer and pixel lovers.

According to the BBC, in the January to March period of this year, revenues fell to 33.5 trillion won (£23.3bn). Though the company claims profit rose 18 per cent three months beforehand, due to “positive impact from adjustments and one-off adjustments”.

As well as this, the “world’s biggest mobile phone maker” reported a net profit of 7.57 trillion won (£4.4bn) for the first quarter of this year, which is up from 7.3 trillion won (£4.2bn). So it can’t complain too much.

Unfortunately, we don’t have data on the absolute number of handset sales, so it is difficult to say whether this fall is due to less consumer interest, changes in the costs of manufacturing or the cash being handed over in shops.

Samsung has experienced impressive profit results and growth in the past, thanks to the success of its Galaxy range, and it managed to nab Nokia’s crown as the world’s biggest phone maker in 2012.

However, increasing competition from the likes of Apple and HTC means Samsung is constantly on guard to keep its position in the limelight, churning out new, innovative products quarter after quarter.

The company’s success also comes from developing markets, where demand has been growing – but inevitably, as these markets mature, growth will not be as quick.

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