Is a cheap HTC One M8 coming soon? And what about a mini one too?

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The rumour mill is working at full power as we hear word about HTC’s future plans now that their flagship HTC One M8 is available in the shops.


First off, everyone knows that the M8 is expensive, so there are rumours that HTC are working on a design with a plastic body to replace all of that expensive metal on the original version. Just like the iPhone 5C is an el-cheapo alternative to the flagship 5S.

Astonishingly, the reports estimate that it could cut the price from around £508 to £289. And here was me assuming that what goes on inside the phone is the expensive part. If true the move would make some sense too – given Samsung’s recent launch of the Galaxy S5, which is similarly high-spec’d but is made of cheaper plastic.

But what if the M8 is just too big for you? Consistent with earlier rumours, Into Mobile reckon that the much talked about Mini version is on the way, suggesting there could be a May release in HTC’s native Taiwan (and would presumably reach our shores soon after).

So if the M8 is just a little out of your price range… hold tight as that could all be fixed rather soon.

James O’Malley
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