Google makes it easier to attach photos on Gmail / Google forces more Google+ down the throats of poor Gmail users

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Google have made a change to Gmail, and we’re not entirely sure how best to report it. Read on to find out more.


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Google have added a clever little feature to Gmail this morning, which makes adding photos even easier. If you’re a user of the automatic Google+ back-up on your phone, then now not only are your pictures auto-uploaded to the cloud when you take them, but now they can be directly linked to Gmail – making it easier than ever to import them.

The update makes a lot of sense – after all, our photos are probably already sat on Google’s servers, and having to search through a jumbled hard disk for them, and then have the pain of uploading them all can be a pain.

The upgrade will apparently work for both individual photos and albums, and should be appearing on Gmail (desktop version) over the next 24 hours during a staggered roll-out of the new feature.

Not content with buying suspicious drone and robotics companies, Google has taken another step towards the dark side today – by forcing yet more Google+ integration down our throats.

Despite the fact that nobody likes or uses Google+, the company are continuing to push it front and centre, this time by deliberately infecting Gmail. The new update makes use of Google’s already intrusive “Google+ auto-upload” feature, which automatically uploads your photos to the ailing service without you getting to say so.

Even if we ignore the potential privacy implications (do you really want all of your pictures uploaded for the NSA to look through?), it means Google can claim yet more Google+ activity to keep their “monthly active Google+ users” announcements propped up.

The new feature, which has been viciously inserted onto the Gmail compose window makes it even easier to force Google+ on your friends – you can share photos and albums directly from the service, rather than having to upload your own files from your computer.

Surely it can’t be long until Mountain View are forcing us to syncronise our toilet activities with Google+, in order to let us view YouTube videos?

James O’Malley
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