Is the HTC One M8 too big for you? Mini version said to be coming soon

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It seems like just last week that HTC released the HTC One M8… because it was almost exactly this time last week they did it. But it seems they’re not finished yet – with a miniature version heading for release in May.


According to, The HTC One M8 Mini will be released in May and whilst sporting a similar premium design to the larger phone, it will shrink down to a 4.5″ screen and the speculation is that it could max out at 720p instead of 1080p.

The move would be consistent with HTC’s past releases – they released a miniature version of the original HTC One shortly after the release of that phone too.

The other disappointment with the news is that the shrinking-ray will also remove the secondary camera on the back of the phone. Unusually, the M8 had two cameras – the second being used to aid depth perception and enabling a bunch of cool camera effects in which you can vary the focus of different parts of the image.

Still – if you have small hands, this phone could be for you. Expect it in May, if the rumours are correct.

James O’Malley
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