Samsung Galaxy S5 to be revealed on February 24th


We’re only a couple of weeks away from this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where it is expected that Samsung will finally spill the beans on what we can expect from their new flagship handset, the Galaxy S5.

So at the time of writing an hour ago they dropped the following massive hint at the sort of things we can expect:


So what does it all mean? The graphic is clearly showing off the thematic things we can expect from the phone – like, perhaps unsurprisingly, the focus on social media bang in the middle.

Perhaps most intriguingly is the mention of “fitness”. Samsung have previous form in the area – making a Fitbit style fitness band, but what’s intriguing is the wider context and the rumours of Apple making a big play in health related activities – specifically with the (seemingly inevitable) iWatch. Are Samsung planning to make the S5 a gadget with a focus on health monitoring and analytics and stuff?

Frankly – the meaning of the rest of the symbols is hard to read into. Speed? Is that… umm… 4G? Outdoors… so that means… GPS, right? Unless Samsung are cooking up an app that has fashion recommendations, “style” could mean pretty much anything.

What’s most interesting – and is definitely me engaging in the wildest of speculation – is that the graphic is all very flat. I wonder if this is an indication that aesthetically the S5 will be going down a similar route to iOS7, and making everything flat and simple?

So I guess we’ll just have to wait until February 24th – unless you’d like to post your thoughts below on what we should expect? And perhaps more importantly – what would you like to see?

James O’Malley
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