All aboard the hype train to Titanfall – Microsoft release special edition Xbox One controller


Microsoft are currently busy preparing their secret weapon. Whilst the Xbox One is currently lagging in the sales race with the PS4, Redmond getting ready to unleash shooter Titanfall – which will surely be one of the biggest games of this year? To cash-in on the game’s AAA status, they’ve revealed a custom controller that available in limited editions.


The game itself looks set to be BIG – literally. The game is ostensibly a futuristic first person shooter – but there’s one major difference with the likes of Halo: you get to use massive robots.


These Titans create a multi-level playing field – with combat between both humans and the massive mechs – hopefully there will be interplay between the two too. It’s set for release over here on 14th March on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 – though the special controller is Xbox One only.


James O’Malley
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