Chrome OS vs Windows war heats up as Google offer to replace Windows 8 launcher


Google have announced a new version of their Chrome web browser which offers something unique to Windows 8 users: It can turn your computer into Chrome OS. Sort of, anyway.


The above screenshot might look pretty familiar. It isn’t, however, Google Chrome OS, but is in fact Windows 8. Chrome’s new “Metro Mode” replaces Windows 8’s controversial app launcher with what is essentially a carbon copy of the stand alone OS’s launcher.

Chrome OS, which runs on Chromebook laptops is Google’s attempt at a stripped back operating system. Rather than have all of the bells and whistles of Windows, it can only run the Chrome web browser – and instead offers the user access to web apps through that. Given that people are increasingly living in the cloud – for their calendars, emails and even word processing activities, it is starting to make a bit of a dent into Microsoft’s sales, as typically Chrome OS laptops are much cheaper.

This latest shot across the bows is a clear attempt by Google to get Windows users used to the Chrome OS look.

Though perhaps less well known than the Playstation/Xbox beef, the Chrome/Windows war has been waging for some time. Recently in America Microsoft put out the advert below featuring the cast of Pawn Stars, a reality show on the History Channel (don’t ask), trying to show people that Chromebooks are not proper laptops.

These are interesting times – here’s hoping they produce more petty adverts sniping at each other!

James O’Malley
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