Microsoft hike the price of Xbox One exclusives in the UK


Bad luck if you want to buy a digital download copy of Ryse, Dead Rising 3 or Forza 5 on your new Xbox One – Microsoft have just slapped an extra fiver on the price of the games when bought online. As far as we’re aware, physical copies are unaffected.


At launch, the three games would have set you back £44.99 – but now they’ll cost you a cool bullseye – or a thrifty – or £50 to you and me. Well, £49.99 but rhyming slang isn’t that specific.

I guess Redmond have taken to heart the Joker’s maxim from The Dark Knight: “If you’re good at something, never do it for free”. Or maybe: “If you’re pretty good at something, and there aren’t many other games yet, hike the price”. Same thing, really.

From a business point of view it’s a pretty sound idea: At the Microsoft have two million people with brand new consoles, on which games are relatively scarce just before the biggest shopping period of the year. They’d be mad not to maximise their income.

Though from a consumer point of view it’s a bit of a pisser, of course. But that’s capitalism.

James O’Malley
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