Xbox One in Numbers: The story so far


Microsoft have just sent out a bunch of interesting numbers on the Xbox One so far – apparently they’ve sold 2 million worldwide so far (compared to 2.1 million PS4s) – but this only scratches the surface. Read on to find out how the console has been getting on.


18 – The number of days since the Xbox One launched worldwide.

13 – The number of “launch markets” – or “countries” to you and I that got the Xbox One on November 22nd.

22 – The number of launch games.

10 – The number of exclusive games at launch.

2,000,000 – The number of Xbox One consoles sold so far.

111,111 – The helpfully branding-friendly average number of Xbox Ones sold every day since launch.

83,000,000 – The number of hours of users have spent playing games, watching TV and using apps on the console so far.

1,000,000 – The number of paid transactions on Xbox Live so far.

39,000,000 – The number of achievements unlocked by Xbox One gamers so far.

595,000,000 – Everyone’s Gamerscore added together!

1000 – The number of Xbox Ones sold every minute on at it’s hyped up peak.

5 – The number of pounds the price of exclusive titles have been hiked by on the download store.

James O’Malley
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