Ford Edge Concept first to feature full remote control self-parking

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Ford has revealed its most high tech car to date. Announced in Los Angeles yesterday, The Ford Edge Concept features the latest driver-assist and semi-automated features designed to make driving safer. 

On board is Fully Assisted Parking Aid (see YouTube video below), a prototype technology which builds on Ford’s Active Park Assist feature to let customers park their vehicles at the touch of a button, or even by remote control. 

The system can find a perpendicular parking space using ultrasonic sensors and allows drivers to wait until the vehicle has pulled out of a tight parking spot before entering.

Ford also has begun a research project designed to refine advanced Obstacle Avoidance systems. Demonstrated to Tech Digest at Ford’s Lommel Proving Ground in Belgium recently, the system can issue warnings if it detects slow-moving objects or stationary obstacles in the same lane ahead and – if the driver fails to steer or brake following warnings – the system automatically steers and brakes the vehicle to avoid a collision.

Says Joe Hinrichs, Ford president of The Americas: 

“The next-generation Ford Edge previewed here will build on these cornerstones to create a global vehicle with technology to make life easier, and design and craftsmanship to appeal to customers around the globe.

“Key attributes of the Ford Edge Concept – a sleek and sporty appearance, capability, fuel efficiency and technology that assist the driver – are in line with what customers value around the world, which is driving global growth in the SUV segment.”

Already popular in the US and other markets, the Edge will be Ford’s first large SUV developed for Europe, one of 25 global vehicles that Ford confirmed last year will go on sale in Europe by 2017. With the Edge, new Kuga and new EcoSport, Ford will offer a comprehensive line-up of redesigned SUVs.

See Fully Assisted Parking Aid in action here: 

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