New photo social network Dubble double exposes itself to the iPhone app store


Bored by Instagram? A new photo-based networking app launches today that makes your photos more social than ever.


Dubble’s premise is fairly simple: you take a photo, and it is uploaded to the Dubble servers, where it is randomly paired with another uploader’s photo – to create “double exposed” images – like one image laid on top of another.

The resulting mash-ups can then be posted on to the user’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

The potential for this app is certainly interesting, and could create some intriguing new art.

The press release describes some of the “dubbles” so far:

“This summer, dubble began developing its community with 40 friends and family, across 18 countries — taking photographs and uploading to the dubble community. The random dubbling has already created wonderful images that see Spanish music festivals dubbled with family pets; fairground carousels dubbled with French holiday beach scenes; flamingos with cityscapes.”

So, er, if that appeals to you then you can grab Dubble on the iPhone App store (it’s free!).

James O’Malley
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