New iPhone 5S and and iPhone 5C revealed in China Telekom leak?

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Landing pages for top-secret unreleased product pre-orders should come with a Dr Strangelove-style giant red button that has to be pushed before publishing – perhaps then they wouldn’t “accidentally” hit the web ahead of schedule.

As was with this week’s Kindle Paperwhite 2, and now today with the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, courtesy of China Telekom.

A verified China Telekom account on microblogging network Weibo posted what looks like an advert for advanced orders on the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C last night before being hastily pulled.

The Wall Street Journal however managed to nab a revealing screengrab before the listing disappeared for good. Though the image is of a low resolution, it seems to show the iPhone 5S as having an optional block of colour on its back, rather than a fully coloured casing. The image shows the handset’s camera sensor embedded in a white strip, while the rest of the body is forest green colour.

The listing also suggests that China will be among the first markets to get the phones, a rumour backed up by a China-specific launch event being planned, and coming as quite a departure for Apple as that market tends to usually have to wait a while before shipping begins.

Gerald Lynch
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