iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor parts spotted alongside iPad mini 2

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fingerprint-sensor-leak-iphone-5s.jpgNext Tuesday’s iPhone launch is nearly upon us, and the leaks are now getting very specific indeed. Today, we have the long-rumoured iPhone 5S handset’s fingerprint sensor, snapped up close, gutted from the next Cupertino smartphone.

Apple product serial leaker Sonny Dickson got his hands on the parts, with high-resolution photos far clearer than any previous leak.

Dickson states the sensor, as expected will be embedded in a new style of home button equipped with sensors and a flex cable featuring “a remarkably different design when compared to the iPhone 5 home button – and even previous supposed 5S part leaks.”

As well as the iPhone 5S news, Dickson has also reportedly leaked iPad mini 2 shell parts, revealed in a YouTube clip by user Unboxtherapy. Though said to have a Retina display, the iPad mini sequel is expected to be very similar in size to its predecessor, as shown in the below video:

“You’re looking at two very comparable form factors,” said YouTube’s unboxtherapy.

“In fact, I think every single dimension is identical here. So no real big changes in this particular department.”

Unboxtherapy’s previous iPad leaks suggested that the next full-size iPad will be slimmed and trimmed down considerably, giving it a form factor similar to the iPad mini.

“The question now becomes: with the full-sized iPad getting closer in dimensions to the iPad mini [2], are you going to be as compelled to pick up the mini [2],” a pointed question asked by Unboxtherapy.

Gerald Lynch
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