Microsoft working on Surface Smart Watch to rival Apple iWatch

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Windows-Phone-8-Watch.jpgNot wanting to be left out of the wearable technology party that’s gearing up to be this year’s big tech trend, further fuel has been added to the fire that Microsoft are rumoured to be working on a Surface Smart Watch to go along with their Surface tablet range.

According to sources speaking to The Verge and AmongTech, Microsoft have entered the prototyping stage for the device, which will feature a 1.5-inch display and will include a removable wrist bands in a range of colours including blue, red, grey, yellow, black and white – likely following the Windows 8 colour scheme.

The device, which was originally intended as a “Joule” heart rate monitor to accompany Xbox apps, has been moved over to the Surface development team as part of a company wide shake app intended to bring more unity to Microsoft’s hardware divisions. Indeed, a smart watch pairing for the company’s tablets seems a more meaningful addition to their hardware line-up than one intended for gaming purposes alone.

Sources claim that the watch prototypes are running a modified version of Windows 8, which should make it easy to integrate with existing Windows 8 devices, including the upcoming Xbox One (thanks to its tri-operating system architecture).

Those hoping for an inexpensive accessory may want to look elsewhere however, as the watch is rumoured to be using an expensive Oxynitride Aluminium, or “translucent aluminium”, in its construction. In terms of hardware specs, LTE prototypes are being tested, as well as 6GB storage versions that are supplemented by Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage systems.

If the rumours are true, the company would likely face competition form the rumoured Apple iWatch, as well as confirmed devices on the way from Samsung, Sony and LG.

Gerald Lynch
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