Microsoft also working on smartwatch, says latest rumours


Windows-Phone-8-Watch.jpgApple and Samsung are both almost certainly working on a smartwatch device, and now you can add another tech-heavyweight to the growing list of companies courting space on your wrist. Microsoft are now also said to be working on a smartwatch, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

Microsoft’s watch would be based on the Windows 8 interface, and use a 1.5-inch screen according to the loose-lipped sources. It’s also said to have been made alongside a prototype Windows Phone handset , which the watch would be partnered with.

Interestingly, Microsoft are said to have no concrete plans to release the watch, despite the rumoured prototypes in development. The WSJ sources say that Microsoft are hedging their bets, waiting to see the reception given to any eventual launch of rival devices by Apple and Samsung before deciding on whether or not it’s profitable to push into the market themselves. Real adventurous, that Ballmer bloke.

With LG and Google also rumoured to be working on smartwatch devices, that makes pretty much every major tech company working on wristwatches.

Gerald Lynch
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