Diablo 3 headed to PS3 *AND* Xbox 360, landing September 3 worldwide

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diablo-3-top.jpgHack-and-slash fans that have Microsoft’s home console sitting under their TVs, this one’s for you: Blizzard have just announced that Diablo 3 is headed to the Xbox 360 alongside the previously-announced PS3 version on September 3rd this year.

With the console version originally unveiled alongside the PlayStation 4 reveal back in February, it wasn’t clear until today whether or not Xbox 360 owners would get a look in. It seems they’ll be able to click…sorry…button press their way to some sick loot too now.

All the “major content and design updates” currently enjoyed by PC gamers will be available through the new console version, though we believe that doesn’t include access to the game’s controversial auction house, as that requires BattleNet access – something the console version reportedly won’t support.

All that remains to be seen now is whether or not the game will also make its way to the Xbox One. It’s already confirmed for PS4, and with the rumours of Sony exclusivity now dashed, it’d seem safe to bet on a next-gen Xbox version popping up too in time.

Gerald Lynch
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