Sharp AQUOS 206SH has 5-inch 1080p screen, two day battery life

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sharp_aquos_phone_xx_2013.jpgA large, high resolution screen on a smartphone is usually enough to set alarm bells ringing when it comes to battery life, but Sharp believe they’ve cracked it with their new AQUOS 206SH smartphone.

Packing in a 5-inch 1080p display, Sharp are claiming that the AQUOS 206SH can go a full two days without needing to be charged.

It’s a mixture of old and new techniques employed by Sharp in order to this. Firstly, there’s a massive 3,080 mAh battery under the hood, as well as Sharp’s “Eco Tech” controls for throttling the 1.7GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro quadcore processor when its full power isn’t needed.

More interesting though is the use of a CG (continuous grain) silicon display. It’s used in the backplane instead of standard amorphous silicon usually found in LCD TFT panels, which helps make a thinner, higher quality display that can run with lower power requirements.

The 443ppi-screened phone also has a 13.1 MP camera, runs Android 4.2, is waterproof and will be sold alongside an optional desktop charging dock.

Se to hit Japanese stores in late June, there’s no word yet on a western release. With few Sharp smartphones seeing a release in the UK, we wouldn’t hold our breath on this hitting your local phone retailer anytime soon, but hopefully the advances in low-power screen technology will be picked up on by a wider array of smartphone manufacturers, and that Sharp will start offering the technology to the many companies they supply displays to.

Gerald Lynch
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