VIDEO: Lose your head with the Oculus Rift guillotine simulator

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Ready to see some “cutting edge” technology at work? Then check out the above video of the promising Oculus Rift virtual reality gaming headset running Disunion – a guillotine simulator.

It’s a bit like The Six Wives of Henry VIII – The Video Game.

The simulator was built in two days during the recent Exile Game Jam conference by Erkki Trummal, André Berlemont, and Morten Brunbjerg. Players crouch down as though their heads are being placed on a chopping block, and are able to look around the execution scene before the blade is dropped and their heads roll off, with Oculus Rift displaying video as though their heads are bouncing across the floor. From the reactions giving in the video above, it may be a little too realistic!

As it stands, it seems the guillotine simulator is simply a demo proof of concept, with no plans for inclusion in a game

Oculus Rift is a successfully Kickstarter funded gaming headset, that offers 3D visuals and head-tracking game controls, perfect for first-person shooters. It’s a little way off yet from hitting consumer shelves, but developers are already working hard on the gadget, with Valve’s Team Fortress 2 already compatible with the developer versions of the kit.

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