Kogan 32-inch LED Android Smart TV tempts your wallet at £259

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kogan-smart-tv-may-2013.jpgWho said Smart TV’s had to be pricey? Certainly not Aussie tech manufacturer-slash-retailers Kogan, who’ve just dropped their 32-inch Agora 32 Smart TV in at £259.

Interestingly running Google’s Android platform (Ice Cream Sandwich version) rather than a bespoke Smart TV offering, the TV will give access to the full raft of Google Play Store apps as well as letting you catch up on the latest episodes of Eastenders.

With Wi-Fi built in alongside a USB port for media playback, the set gives access to Android app versions of popular services such as iPlayer, Facebook and Twitter, as well as numerous gaming apps.

At this price point concessions have to be made, so you’ll find the Agora 32 running a 720p display rather than a full HD 1080p panel, though edge-lit LED lighting should at least give contrast and colours some punch.

On sale now, you can grab an even cheaper 19-inch LED set from Kogan for just £79 at the moment.

Gerald Lynch
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