Tablets now fuelling more BBC iPlayer views than smartphones

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iplayer-stats-march-2013.jpgFor the first time ever, the BBC iPlayer TV and radio catch-up app has received more streaming requests from tablets than from smartphones.

Revealed during the BBC’s monthly BBC iPlayer performance review, March 2013 saw 200,000 more requests come in tablets than from smartphones, echoing the rise in tablet adoption and the given that watching TV on a device 7-inches and above is always going to be preferable to squinting at a smartphone screen. Unless you have one of those Samsung Mega beasts anyway.

The iPlayer continues to be one of the most popular catch-up services in town, taking in 272 million streaming requests over March. 81 million requests (or 30% overall) came from mobile and tablet devices.

Top shows included the Top Gear: Africa Special and and Comic Relief 2013, while the radio adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere became one of the rare shows that wasn’t a Radio 4 comedy to top the radio playback lists.

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Gerald Lynch
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