Durex power long-distance sexy time with vibrating smartphone controlled-underwear

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It’s Friday! Time to kick back and enjoy the lighter side of tech! Today we’re getting all hot and bothered over the unveiling of Durex Fundawear, vibrating smartphone controlled underwear for him and her. Those long-distance Skype conversations will never be the same again!

The condom kings’ new underwear pairs vibrating boxer shorts, knickers and a bra to iPhone apps, letting saucy smartphone owners “connect” with their loved ones no matter where they are in the world.

Using the actuators found in smartphones responsible for the haptic feedback in touchscreens, Fundawear users get to stroke and tickle their touch screens, with the speed and intensity of each motion leading to a pleasant vibration in the corresponding area of their partner’s Fundawear underwear.

Calling it the “future of foreplay”, it doesn’t look as though Durex have a commercial release planned just yet for Fundawear, but those that head over to the company’s Facebook page stand a chance of picking up one of the gift sets.

Hit up the slightly-not-safe-for-work video above to see it in action.

Gerald Lynch
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