APP OF THE DAY: Cut the Rope – Time Travel (iPhone, iPad, Android)

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cut-the-rope-time-1.jpgThis week sees the return of the candy-loving Om Nom in the new Cut the Rope: Time Travel puzzle game for mobile devices.

The sequel to 2010’s Cut the Rope and 2011’s Cut the Rope: Experiments, the latest in the award winning series sees Om Nom travelling through time on the hunt not only for another bunch of Campino’s to munch down on, but also for his ancestors from across the ages.

Taking in levels loosely based on time periods including the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and the Stone Age, this sequel still sees you slashing away at ropes hanging the sweet goodies around Om Nom, tasking you with making sure they drop into his watering mouth. cut-the-rope-time-2.jpgA keen grasp of the laws of gravity and timing is required to succeed, and you’ll also need to get to grips with a host of new contraptions and obstacles to make sure Om Nom gets his grub, from the usual to bubbles and blades to bombs and bouncing platforms. This time out you’ll also need to feed Om Nom’s ancestors too, meaning you’ll have to figure out how to make sure each of the green little monsters gets their share of the sweet-toothed dinner.

Alongside the standard levels, developers ZeptoLab have also expanded the “Om Nom Stories” mini animated series to go along with the game, with episodes popping up between each major group of stages.It’s part of the company’s push to make Om Nom a household name, with ZeptoLab also working on a full series with Sony.

Despite it’s kiddie visuals, there’s still a stiff challenge involved too, with some devilish puzzles littered across the game, especially if you’re aiming to collect all the additional challenge stars dotted around each stage.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel is available for all major mobile platforms, priced at£0.69 for iPhone from Apple’s App Store, and £1.99 for iPad. The app is also available for £0.62 from the Google Play store for Android-supported devices, £1.85 for NOOK and £0.65 on Amazon.

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