Apple OS X 10.9 to include Finder overhaul, speedy Safari browser

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mabook-pro-retina-3-640.jpgIt’s set to be a very busy WWDC for Apple this year. Not only are we expecting to see the first fruits of iOS 7 labour, but there’s also rumour of the iPhone 5S launching alongside Intel Haswell processor-packing MacBook Pro computers. Add to that growing list of unveilings OS X 10.9

OS X 10.9 will bring with it a host of new functionality for Mac users, chief among which will be an overhaul of the Finder application. 9to5Mac are suggesting Finder will get tabbed browsing, allowing users to have multiple folders open without needing to have multiple iterations of Finder open. This will be paired with a tagging ability, letting users more easily search for specific groups of files stored locally or through iCloud.

Safari will also get a bit of fine tuning under the hood, aiming for speed and stability primarily, while there’s also suggestion of iOS-style multitasking making an appearance, with backgrounds apps paused in the same way they are on iPhone or iPad to reduce resource strain.

Codenamed “Cabernet”, OS X 10.9 had previously been rumoured to be getting iOS’s Maps and Siri functionality, but they’re now thought to be features on the back burner for Apple. Considering how flakey both services are on mobile devices, that may not be such a bad thing.

Gerald Lynch
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