Star Command iOS release date set for May 2: Long wait for Kickstarter project comes to a close

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Star Command, the long-awaited space ship strategy sim, will hit Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on May 2.

Sitting somewhere between an 8-bit Star Trek and Theme Hospital, the game lets you build your own starship, enlist its crew and then takes them across the universe, meeting hostile alien races and engaging in space battles, repelling any foes that beam their way onto your ship.

Full Retina display resolutions will be supported, as will be fullscreen iPhone 5 support.

It’s release this week comes a lengthy 15 months after its originally-slated date, penned in initially following developer War Balloon Game’s successful Kickstarter pitch.

Android, PC and Mac versions are also in the pipeline, prioritised in that order depending on the success of the iOS release. Android versions are expected a month after the iOS release.

Gerald Lynch
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