Windows 8 Blue update screenshots leak: IE 11 spotted

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windows-8-blue-1.jpgWindows Blue, the forthcoming update to the Windows 8 operating system, has been leaked in a series of screenshots at WinForum, giving us a good look at what Microsoft have planned next for their latest OS.

Among the changes coming is greater control over customisation of the Start tiles interface, letting you resize app tiles to be even smaller – handy for those lesser-used Snap Views option will also be expanded, letting you share a screen 50/50 between different apps, as well as doing the same across multiple monitors.

Sky Drive integration gets updated too, including automatic camera uploads and further back-up options. There will also be a new tab-sync option, letting you check out what tabs you have open on other Windows 8 device Blue will also see the introduction of Internet Explorer 11, but beyond the logo screenshot above little else about the new web browser is revealed.

No word yet on the Windows Blue release date, but the public preview is expected to land in the next few months. Safe money is on a release around late Autumn.

Gerald Lynch
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