VIDEO: First footage of Diablo 3 on PS3 revealed in trailer

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The first footage of the long-awaited PS3 port of Diablo 3 has been released by developers Blizzard at the PAX East show this weekend.

A run-down of all the classes (and SPOILER ALERT – some of the late-game bosses too), it’s our first taste of just how well the game will stack up alongside the PC version it is ported from.

For the most part it looks very nifty; sure, the visual fidelity has been toned down a bit, and there’s a hint of slow-down in the busier scenes, but all the action and chaos of the original seems to have made the transition nicely. We’re particularly taken with the equipment selection menu, which looks to add a radial-dial system instead of the click-and-drag mouse interface of the PC version, something which wouldn’t really work well with a console controller.

One notable omission however is the lack of support, meaning cross-platform play is out of the question, though players will still able to engage in local and online co-operative play over PSN.

Still no word on the PS4 version, but if this first look at the PS3 version is anything to go by, hopes should now be riding high.

Gerald Lynch
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