UK ISP Hyperoptic readying 1 gigabit broadband connections

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hyperoptic-broadband.jpgLooking for a new, superfast broadband provider? Then you may want to check out Hyperoptic, who look set to shake up the UK broadband market by offering packages with speeds as fast as one gigabit per second.

Already offering 20Mbps and 100The Telegraph.

The speeds allow for HD movies to be downloaded in seconds, and large digital gaming downloads to be completed within a few short minutes.

Even if you are in an area served by Hyperoptic, the fast speeds don’t come cheaply – you’re looking at about £50 a month for the one gigabit speeds.

Does anyone need broadband that fast yet?

“You might not need one gigabit now, but history shows people will use it as time goes on,” said managing director Dana Tobak.

“I wouldn’t pretend there is a need for a gigabit, but there isn’t a need for a Ferrari either.”

Tobak was previously co-founder of Be Un Limited broadband, the first provider in the UK to offer connection speeds of 24Mbps. It was bought by O2 back in 2006, and now forms part of the service acquired by Sky earlier this month.

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