Samsung Galaxy S4 unlocked price, release date revealed for UK

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Thumbnail image for samsung galaxy s4 sunsetWallets at the ready: pricing for Samsung’s Galaxy S4 handsets has just been revealed. And it’s just as expensive as we all expected.

According to Unlocked-Mobiles, an unlocked, contract-free Samsung Galaxy S4 will cost you a whopping, £529.98 – a few pence more expensive than an iPhone 5 and £10 more than a HTC One. Just how this will affect contract prices remains to be seen, but it seems the plastics used in its build (derided by HTC) have not pushed the price down low.

The site also pins the S4 release date down for April 26, giving the HTC One enough time on the market to establish itself before its behemoth Android rival lands.

There’s still no word from any source on pricing of the 32GB and 64GB models. When it comes to the 64GB edition, we wouldn’t hold our breath, as the Galaxy S3 saw its 64GB model ship months later.

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