Apple iTV to go 4K, release in 2013?

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AppleTV_Mockup.jpgWith all the focus recently on the possibility of an Apple iWatch launching, the rumour mill had all-but-stopped turning when it came to Apple’s alleged TV plans. But new whipsers from supply chain sources and fresh opinions from leading analysts suggest that an Apple iTV is still just as likely to land soon as an iWatch is.

First off, the often dubious DigiTimes and their near-endless stream of supply chain sources: they’re stating that they’re seeing movements suggesting Apple are planning a 4K screen (the in-vogue high definition format 4 time sharper than 1080p, and seen as the next evolution in TV tech). With a resolution of 3840×2160, it’d certainly have the premium feel that Apple like to aim for (as well as the premium price tag) and could potentially be marketed under familiar “Retina” terms.

The source also claims that voice and motion control will feature (Siri, anyone?) and that an internet connection would be included.

DigiTimes new report lands alongside new analysis from renowned Apple analyst Gene Munster, telling Bloomberg that he expects Apple to release the iTV before the end of the year.

He also stated that there’s “no question whether it’s a set-top box versus a TV, it’s an actual TV”.

Apple certainly need to be looking to innovate this year. Though table sales continue to rise, Mac sales fall and Apple’s iPhone smartphone dominance is increasingly being attacked by high-end Android devices. They may be swimming in cash, but Apple’s share price has been a bit shaky this year, and it’s been well discussed that investors are now looking to Apple CEO Tim Cook to unveil an innovative product to match Steve Jobs’ best moments. Whether that takes the form of an iWatch or iTV however, or something different entirely, remains to be seen.

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