Dyson open £50 million digital motor plant in Singapore

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dyson-singapore.jpgBagless vacuum cleaner masters Dyson have opened up a new £50 million manufacturing plant in Singapore to meet growing demand for their Dyson digital motors.

Increasing production capacity by 100% and creating 210 new jobs, the plant provides Dyson added protection over their intellectual properties and tighter controls over the complex production processes that go into the manufacture of each digital motor. 50 robots are needed to complete each unit, with manufacture also including a production stage in a “clean isolation room […] free from contaminants”.

Dyson digital motors are found in machines across the world, in use in the aerospace industry and seen in day-to-day use in the company’s Airblade hand dryers and cordless vacuum cleaners.

“Building a complex motor with minute tolerances requires the precision of a fully automated production line. There is no room for error,” said James Dyson.

“Dyson engineers spent a year developing the lines, searching the globe for the most effective robotic equipment. This has allowed us to double our output.”

It’s been a busy month for the Dyson team. Not only have they opened up the new manufacturing facility in Singapore, but the company also revealed their Airblade Tap commercial hand dryers, as well as refreshed Dyson Airblades and a new smaller Airblade V model.

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