Samsung's rumoured Galaxy S4 sales predictions are pie-in-the-sky ambitious

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GalaxyS4-square.jpgSamsung may want to reassess their sales predictions for their forthcoming Galaxy S4 smartphone if the latest ludicrous rumoured figures are to be believed, or there may be some pretty peeved executives at the South Korean tech giant’s HQ.

Korean language news site Money Today are claiming that Samsung are placing recurring component orders to deal with demand for 10 million smartphones per month, suggesting that Samsung are looking to ship that many every four weeks.

Though the source doesn’t indicate how long Samsung are planning on keeping such a massive shipment order running for, its incredibly optimistic all the same.

Looking at the previous sales records of the Galaxy range, the Galaxy S3 took 50 days to hit 10 million unit sale, while the S2 took a whole 5 months. Samsung would have to sell Galaxy S4 handsets at a rate one and a half times as fast as that of the S3, and with the S3 handset still an impressive bit of kit, encouraging the many millions of S3 owners to upgrade may be a challenge.

Price could be a contributing factor, and if Samsung managed to bring the production cost down through such large orders and pass that saving on to consumers, maybe they’ll hit the lofty goals seemingly set. Indeed, demand for the cheap Google Nexus 4 suggests that if supply can match demand, and specs impress alongside price, the potential for bug sales is sky high. We find it difficult to imagine Samsung slashing the price of their premium smartphone however. They could have their work cut out here.

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Via: TechRadar

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