New Call of Duty: Black Ops II Revolution DLC trailer shows off new maps, modes and weapons in hilarious style

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New DLC is landing for Call of Duty Black Ops II, and Activision have hired the acting talents of Peter Stormare to sell it in the hilarious trailer above. Hit the video above to check it out and all your needed COD playtime excuses may be answered.

The Revolution DLC pack will introduce new modes, maps and weapons for the multiplayer component of the game, currently the most-popular retail title on Xbox Live.

Downloading Revolution unlocks the “Peacekeeper”, a souped-up SMG that will give you the edge in multiplayer modes.

The pack also adds four new maps: Hydro set in Pakistan, Grind set in California, Downhill set in the French Alps, and Mirage set in the Gobi Desert.

Perhaps most excitingly though is the opportunity to play as a zombie in the new “Turned” mode of the Zombies portion of the game.

“In this new game mode, run and wreak havoc as a zombie, trying to kill the lone human in the map. Once you successfully kill the human, you respawn as the lone human. You only get points when you’re the human, so it’s important you fend off the hoard of zombies (i.e. the other players) for as long as possible,” reads the release.

The DLC will land on 29 January for PS3 and Xbox 360. No pricing has been confirmed yet, but expect to pay the same as for previous Call of Duty map packs. Those who have invested in the DLC season pass will automatically have access to the pack once it becomes available.

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