Super-thin iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 to launch in 2013 with in-cell tech?

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iPhone-5-official-12-thumb.pngCheap iPhones, large-screened iPhone Math handsets; it seems everyone’s got a tip on what’s coming out of Apple’s mobile department this year. The latest rumour suggests that not one but two iPhones will launch this year, and each will be incredibly thin thanks to the use of in-cell technology.

In-cell technology is a manufacturing process that fuses the LCD and touchscreen together into a single layer, allowing a handset’s chassis to be much more svelte. The next iPhone therefore could drop even thinner than the iPhone 5’s slinky 7.6mm thickness.

The rumours sources backup the claim that a cheaper iPhone is on the way, stating that one of the two handsets will be aimed at the mid-range market, and while stating that the screen size is likely to remain 4-inches on the diagonal, the larger rumoured 4.8 inch iPhone Math could follow in 2014.

All this must be taking with a pinch of salt though, as the rumours are coming in from the ever-faithful supply chain sources at DigiTimes disposal, who have quite the track record for hit-and-miss predictions.

But with all these rumours flying about, Apple definitely seem to be cooking up something at least a little different this year. We’ll keep you posted.

Via: DigiTimes

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