Metrics not myths: Adobe cuts through BS with Marketing Cloud service


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Anyone catch sight of a too-rude-to-be-named Tubmlr doing the rounds recently, highlighting the empty buzzword-driven culture of agencies? It’s pretty hilarious. When you’re claiming to be the “apex predator of creative synergy” or “the unicorn of brain harmony” we’re going to call BS.

You can stuff your wordplay. We want data. And Adobe want it too. They’ve put together this short, funny “Metrics not Myths” clip promoting their Adobe Marketing Cloud service, which offers a complete suite of analytics, social, advertising, targeting and web experience management solutions for digital marketeers, with real-time updates on the reach of your campaigns. No more “viral” claims, just the cold, hard numeric facts of your success.

It sure beats having the bull shocked out of you as in the video above! Hit play to give it a look.”

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