Instagram loses over half its active users following copyright fallout

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Thumbnail image for instagram-with-photos.jpgTroubing times for Instagram at the moment, as it seems the popular photo sharing app/social network has lost over half its active users in just a month.

The decline in user figures (spotted by traffic monitoring firm AppStats) has seen the Facebook-owned snapping service drop from 16.35 million users to just 7.81 million.

It follows the public outcry that was caused by Instagram’s tweaked terms of service at the end of last year, which removed a user’s ownership of images uploaded to Instagram, allowing the firm to use uploaded images in any way they see fit.

If accurate, it’s a staggering drop. It just goes to show that, when it comes to data as personal as someones photographs, it really has to be handled in a sensitive way. It seems we all really do pay attention to those terms of service notices.

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Via: The Wall

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