CES 2013: Nvidia Grid cloud gaming service announced

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NVIDIA_vgx_box.jpgNvidia will soon attempt to go where services like OnLive and GaiKai have so far failed, unveiling their own cloud-based PC gaming system at CES 2013, the Nvidia Grid.

Bringing high-end PC-quality gaming to all manner of connected devices (including smart TVs and tablets), Nvidia Grid will let gamers stream top PC titles to low-powered devices. Remote super-computer servers do all the graphical grunt work and send back a video feed of the game being played to the user with latency low enough to feel as though it’s being played on a local high-end computer.

Each Grid unit is mega-powerful, the equivalent of 720 Xbox 360 consoles, which offers enough power to support 25 users each. Nvidia will be pairing their Grid system with plenty of cloud service providers around the globe to deliver Grid gaming to many territories.

It’s a first for Nvidia, who are better known for the GPU hardware than services.

Nvidia Grid remains in a trial stage for the time being, with a roll out expected before the end of the year.

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Gerald Lynch
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