CES 2013: Onkyo reveal first line of headphones with HF300 and FC300

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onkyo-headphones--es-hf300.jpgOnkyo are taking their extensive home cinema speaker knowledge and popping it straight into your ears at CES 2013, announcing the company’s first sets of over-ear and in-ear headphones and earphones.

First up are the HS-HF300, which benefit from an audiophile-grade 6N oxygen-free copper cable, cased in clear elastomer, and with gold-plated connectors. The top end of the range, Onkyo have stated you’ll get near-perfect conductivity and next to no noise.

Next on the list are the HS-FC300 model, with a flattened elastomer cable to prevent tangling, and will come in black, white and purple colours.

Each model uses a folding, closed-back design for easier portability and minimal sound leakage, employing 40mm titanium drivers. “Muscular bottom-end response” is delivered through sub-bass chambers, while each model’s cabling is detachable, making for easy replacements should you damage the leads.

You’re looking at $179 for the HF300 and $149 for the FC300 when the launch stateside before the Spring, but we’ve yet to hear word on UK pricing or release info.

If you prefer in-ear headphones, Onkyo will also be offering the IE-HF300 and IE-FC300 models. They again offer a choice between audiophile or tangle-free cabling, and use a 14.3mm dynamic transducer. They cost $129 and $99 respectively, with the same US release schedule.

Onkyo are also putting out an equaliser app for the new headphones, expected to land alongside the release of the new cans.

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