Dropbox looking to take on Picasa and Flickr with new iOS app photo features?

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dropbox-photo-tab-app-enhancements-0.jpgCloud storage service Dropbox has updated its iPhone and iPad apps to better cater for photo uploads. A new visual stream of photos is offered with which to browse your snaps, as well as a whole new tab devoted to your photographs, set apart from all other files you’ve uploaded to the service.

“With just a tap, you’ll be able to scroll through a timeline of all the photos you’ve automatically uploaded (including the pocket-dialed ones too),” say Dropbox.

“Our new speedy scroller will help you navigate all the way back to time immemorial (or your earliest photos) in seconds. Even if you have ‘Billions and Billions’ of them.”

Pictures are filed by month, and Dropbox can be set to further automate the upload process by periodically scanning your device for new snaps. Uploads in general are now easier to perform across the app, with a “+” icon appearing anywhere you can upload a file to, or where you may like to introduce a new folder to upload files to.

It’s an interesting move by Dropbox. Though files of all kinds can be stored in their cloud, they obviously see photo storage now as their leading feature, one that consumers are most likely to use the service for. In this respect, and with this new visual update, Dropbox seem to be aligning themselves more with the likes of Flickr and Picasa as they are with SkyDrive or Google Drive.

Gerald Lynch
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