Facebook to launch new self-destruct messaging app for worry-free sexting

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Reports are coming in that Facebook are preparing to launch a brand new messaging app with a keen focus on user privacy.

Ready before the end of the year according to All Things D, the app will let users set a time limit within which messages can be viewed. After the allotted time, all messages and images sent will be automatically deleted, with no trace left behind. All correspondents will lose access to the sent messages, which could be great for those partaking in a bit of “sexting”, looking to cover their potentially embarrassing tracks.

The proposed app sounds very similar to Snapchat, who offer similar “Mission Impossible” style time limits on their messages.

However, the ability to take screenshots on both desktop and mobile devices makes the service somewhat obsolete, as users will still be able to capture screengrabs of all correspondence.

Facebook have been at the centre of a number of instant-messaging app rumours of late. Most notably, the company were rumoured to be buying WhatsApp, the popular cross-platform messaging app.

Via: All Things D

Gerald Lynch
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