VIDEO: Internal Apple retail movie reveals instore philosophy

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apple-retail-vid.pngAn internal Apple video detailing the company’s approach to retail stores, never intended to be seen by those outside the company’s operations, has leaked online.

Narrated by Ron Johnson (Apple’s former senior vice president of retail operations who left the company last year, giving us an idea of how old the video is), it’s typically Cupertino backslapping and self-aggrandizing.

“Every great journey begins with the first step,” he says.

“And we took our first step about a decade ago.

“We discovered that if you can tailor a store uniquely to its setting, it can actually improve communities.”

The video also includes a behind the scenes look at how Apple put together their Covent Garden store in London. According to Johnson, Apple flagships are always found in the “most important [location] in that city,” and the biggest challenge is deciding on whether to go for a historic look (like the Apple Store found on London’s Regent Street) or a modern approach (as seen in the New York Fifth Avenue store).

“Most retailers view their space as the square footage they rent,” he continues.

“We view our space [as] the environment we inhabit.”

Click here to watch the clip.

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