Livescribe Sky smartpen with Wi-Fi Evernote syncing launched

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livescribe-sky-.jpgLivescribe have launched a new smarten today that, as well as syncing up dictaphone audio captured at the same time as digitising your notes, offers built-in Wi-Fi for storing your scribbles in cloud note storage service Evernote.

For current Livescribe pen users, one of the most frustrating parts of using the otherwise excellent gadget is needing to hook up the pen to a PC or Mac to download your files. Evernote Wi-Fi syncing solves this, while also offering 2GB or 4GB of onboard storage space. Sky smartpen users also get extra Evernote space gratis to ensure they don’t go over monthly limits, while an 8GB Pro Pack also offers a free year-long subscription to Evernote Pro.

While older smartpens used desktop software and offered in-built apps, the Sky pen does not. Older smartens will continue to have access to these services, but to make up for the omission, the Sky pen will be able to pair directly with tablet and smartphone devices instead. An SDK for mobile app developers is now also available, opening up the possibility of Livescribe functionality within apps.

With notes synced with Livescribe’s servers before hitting Evernote, all notes can also be accessed from a HTML5 web-player, which allows Livescribe to offer handwriting recognition and print-on-demand functionality.

2GB, 4GB and 8GB Sky smartpen models will be available to buy in the next month, and we’ll get you more detailed pricing and launch date details as we receive them.

Gerald Lynch
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