LG tricks elevator riders into thinking they're about to die a horrible death with IPS Displays

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LG are getting in the Halloween “trick or treat” spirit of the season with this awesomely mean prank, using their IPS Displays to scare the life out of some office workers.

The South Korean company installed their screens into a modified elevator’s floor, running a video beneath its passenger’s feet to make them believe they were about to fall to their death as the base of the lift crumbled beneath them.

Being an advert, there’s no guaranteeing those who got “punk’d” aren’t actors, but there’s no denying that would be a pretty terrifying experience. Well played, LG, well played.

As well as showing how realistic their displays are, it’s also not a bad advert for showing the durability of the screens; there’s a fair few scaredy-cat jumps going on on top of those panels!

Check it all out in the video above.

Gerald Lynch
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