GALLERY: 3D Printing art exhibition is a mind-blowing showcase

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mac-keyboard-3d-print.jpg3D Printing has been a tech industry buzz-term for a few years now, building up steam at this year’s CES with promising showcases from the likes of Sculpteo and AutoDesk.

But we have to admit to initially being a little non-plussed about the whole movement. Sure, a custom-designed iPhone case is cool, but there has to be more to this than a bit of mobile pimpage, right?

Right; Tech Digest were totally blown away by what was on show at last weekend’s 3D Print Show London 2012 event, highlighting the massive progress the 3D printing industry has made over the past year.

From the use of new materials like bronze, steel and gold to technological advancements that allow for significantly more intricate designs to be printed, the only limitations to 3D prinitng’s potential now lay with the manufacturer’s imagination. To hammer home this point, the 3D Print Show London 2012 featured an impressive art exhibition, showing just how beautiful and inventive 3D printed objects can now be.

Scroll down for a gallery of some of the exhibition’s highlights.

We’ll have more on some of 3D printing’s key players in the coming days and weeks, so keep checking back for more news on this exciting new technology.

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