Borderlands Legends: Diablo-style shoot-and-loot fest for iPad and iPhone revealed

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borderlands-legends.jpgThe Borderlands series looks set to hit Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod devices after an advert for the Borderlands Legends app was spotted within the digital strategy guide for the recently released Borderlands 2.

Borderlands Legends for iOS devices promises an adventure “specifically designed for mobile and tablet”, putting you in control of Borderland’s 1 stars Roland, Lilith, Mordecai and Brick.

The game will take in randomised environments, putting thousands of weapons and 36 powers at your disposal as you take on waves of enemies.

A new “strategic cover system” is also hinted at, while there’s also a “Fight For Your Life” mode, which could either be a bleed-out system or maybe even (fingers crossed) and online deathmatch mode.

Mention of in-game cash and collectibles also suggests there will be in-app purchases in the game.

No official announcement has ben made relating to the game’s release, but with an advert already doing the rounds, expect a full run-down of Borderlands Legends features in the next few days or weeks.

Gerald Lynch
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