iPad Mini still unannounced, but shortages still expected

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iPad-mini-2.jpgIt still technically doesn’t even exist yet, but analysts are already predicting shortages for Apple’s iPad Mini.

Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets expects suppliers will find it “challenging” to meet demand when the 7.85-inch tablet lands, with production yields proving so “frustrating” that Apple have perhaps even pushed back a planned September launch.

Regardless, White believes that the iPad Mini launch sits just over the horizon:

“Despite continued yield challenges, the supply chain feels the much anticipated iPad Mini is on track to reach acceptable volume levels for a launch over the next month.

“That said, we believe that supply constraints will initially hold back the full sales potential during the first month or so of the launch.”

The iPhone 5 has suffered similar delays, with shipping times slipping to between three to four weeks.

Moving onto pricing, White puts the iPad Mini at a competitive $250/$300, still significantly cheaper than the full size iPad, but not enough to undercut the Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire. Even at that slight premium, White still expects strong sales, buoyed by the brand awareness now characterising the iPad’s dominance in the tablet market:

“Despite the low price point, we expect Apple to maintain the iconic aesthetics of the current iPad and blow away what competitors are offering in this smaller form-factor tablet market.”

Via: Apple Insider

Gerald Lynch
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