Motorola mock Apple over Google Maps iOS 6 fallout

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Moto_0000_Location (1) (2).jpgApple really aren’t going to be allowed to get off lightly with their lacklustre mapping service, are they? Introduced in the recent iOS 6 update that accompanied the iPhone 5 launch, Apple Maps pales in comparison to the accuracy and functionality of Google Maps, now missing from Apple’s hardware. And Motorola have been quick to turn the screw even further as the backlash escalates.

Taking to their Google+ page, Motorola posted an image of their Motorola Droid Razr M handset, side-by-side with an iPhone 5, with the iPhone 5 using Apple Maps and the Motorola handset using Google Maps.

Underneath the slogan “The real world that’s fit for your hand”, each is showing 315 E 15th in Manhattan. However, the iPhone 5’s display shows 315 E 15th wrongly positioned in Brooklyn, one of numerous mistakes on their new mapping service, while Motorola’s device accurately shows the address.

To rub salt into the wounds, Motorola have popped the #iLost hashtag beneath the image of the iPhone 5.

Of course, as now a subsidiary of Google, it was only a matter of time before Motorola posted such a pro-Google Maps statement of some sort. But as suggested in the advert they posted, few can deny that Google Maps is the superior cartography service.

Google are said to have a Google Maps app for iOS 6 already finished and submitted to Apple, though many fear Apple will be in no hurry to approve of a rival service, if ever.

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