Now Apple brings us world peace – solves international conflicts


Revolutionise the mobile phone industry, create the sexiest computers ever, finally convice the world that it needs touch screen tablets. Is there anything that Apple can’t do? Apparently not.

Now in a story sure to gladden the heart of every iFanboy Apple has decided that we don’t need the UN and has taken matters into its own hands by tackling international disputes head on.

According to one Twitter user, and they may be a whizz with Photoshop, Apple’s new maps service has created two instances of the Senkaku, or Diaoyu, Islands. Recently Japan and China have been fighting over ownership of that territory, leading the tweeter to quip that Apple may be trying to broker a deal by creating two versions of the islands. There’s more here.

Brilliant diplomacy from Apple and Tom Tom its mapping partner.

So why stop there. How about two Palestines? A pair of Falkland Islands? Maybe even they could create another Canary Islands for us Brits to take over and call our own.

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