EE launches UK 4G with a little help from Boris Johnson – hints at iPhone 5

iPhone, Windows Phone 8


EE revealed which devices their new super-fast 4G network will come to this morning, but what everyone, everywhere (or just me?) want to know is: Will EE be available on Apple’s much anticipated iPhone 5 anytime soon?

EE CEO Olaf Swantee confirmed that EE’s 4G network will be available exclusively on the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8, before being rolled out to LTE-enabled versions of the Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One XL, Huawei Ascend P1 and the Nokia Lumia 820, as well as two Huawei 4G dongles.

Swantee also mentioned that the 4G network could be available on “other devices” in the near future, which brought out a chuckle among those present at the launch at London’s Science Museum this morning. The iPhone 5 is widely expected to be 4G enabled so you’d expect a data plan for Apple’s new smartphone to be around the corner.

With London to become the first UK city to be fully covered by the new 4G network, those present at the launch were also treated to a guest appearance by London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Speaking about how 4G will allow “information [to] spout in unbelievable and unstoppable quantities”, Johnson also remarked that our digital lives will become “faster, better and easier”. Boris also managed to plug London – wouldn’t expect anything less – with a couple of fascinating facts. Did you know that London has double the amount of bookshops that New York – and quarter the murder rate? Neither did we until this morning.

We’re looking forward to test out the 4G network, but in the meantime read more about 4G, what it is and how it will impact your mobile and digital life over on

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